When to Hire Oklahoma Unemployment Lawyers

When workers unexpectedly lose their jobs, it can wind up causing some fairly serious financial hardships. The state of Oklahoma offers unemployment insurance to eligible workers who have been laid off or have quit their jobs with good reason, though, which can make transitioning to a new job a little bit easier. Unfortunately, getting a claim for unemployment benefits approved can be more difficult than employees might think.

In most cases, workers can apply for benefits themselves. Sometimes, though, it makes more sense for them to hire Oklahoma unemployment lawyers to help. Read on to find out about when to hire an unemployment lawyer prior to filing a claim.

Loss of Employment Through Being Fired

Employees who have been fired from their jobs instead of being laid off may have a harder time getting their claims approved. Those who have been fired due to serious misconduct will not be eligible. However, those who have been fired for reasons beyond their own control often find that they are able to have their unemployment claims approved with the help of a lawyer.

Quitting With Just Cause

Just as employees who have been fired will only be able to receive benefits under certain circumstances, workers who have quit their jobs may only be eligible to receive benefits if certain stipulations are met. Those who have quit with just cause may still be able to receive benefits but their cases will be more complicated, which is why it’s best that they hire lawyers.

Legal Claims Against Employers

Workers who have been fired unjustly or whose employers have otherwise violated their rights should always consult a lawyer. If, for example, a worker has been fired in retaliation for reporting safety violations at his or her workplace, there may be certain steps that must be taken in filing for unemployment insurance that can improve the worker’s chances of receiving additional benefits. A lawyer can explain what options are available and ensure that all possible steps are taken to improve his or her client’s chances of being compensated for the employer’s misconduct.

Improper Denial of a Claim

Finally, any time that a worker’s claim for unemployment benefits is improperly denied, it is best to hire a lawyer. Don’t waste time, though, as claimants have only ten days to file their appeals.