Artificial Intelligence trading technologies

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Collected $ 1.300.000,00  out of 20.000.000,00

The first Ai crypto-assets investment fund

We are creating an AI-based investment system that will provide the fund with strategies tailored to customers’ needs and goals with total transparency. We use technology with a clear purpose: maximize profits, minimizing risks and costs.

Our trading strategies are already available privately on traditional assets (futures) and will be operative as soon as the fund is built both in the stock market and in the crypto market, thanks to the ICO Fundraising, to realize the first Artificial Intelligence crypto-assets investment fund.



A technology for the new era: our trading algorithms are totally AI driven.


   We guarantee the highest transparency with Blockchain Public Auditing Ledger.



 A tech-driven system built to lower risk, minimize costs, and maximise profits.


Clear commission policy: The fund will be paid only for performances achieved.

How Elpis works

The asset management market needs a revolution!

It starts with the ICO token holders who will buy our token. The ICO will help us raise necessary amount of money for creating the crypto-asset management fund in accordance with all necessary regulatory requirements defined by FINMA. The fund will directly manage the Assets deposited through Artificial Intelligence and then invests and trade the Assets and the digital Assets on the stock exchange and on the crypto market.

Finally, the profits generated from the operations in the market will come back to the main company that can buy back the tokens from the token holders that have originally helped us build the fund

One platform to follow the trading

Our objective is to build a fund, able to manage both assets and digital assets through Artificial Intelligence, thereby creating a balanced portfolio based on the risk approach of our institutional clients.

Through the dashboard, our clients will be able to follow the trading activities of the fund, and their portfolio every day.

Retail Clients, only subscribed to the live trading signals will be having a reduced dashboard with trading signals they prefer, purchasable in ELP tokens. They will be also able to connect the live trading to their trading machine as an EA via API.

Crypto-Elpis ICO

The Elpis ICO model is a way to get a valuable token with economic fundamentals. We want to specify although that our token is not a security because it does not respect the security criteria and does not hold a direct interest. To become a shareholder, the token holder, must pass local jurisdiction criteria, KYC/AML procedures, and own more than 20 million ELP tokens, only with these exemptions he will be able to ask for the exchange.

The Pre-Sale ICO will continue until all tokens are all sold.

Elpis Utility Token


Holding ELP token means that you are contributing to helping us building the fund upon our technology. We will, periodically, use 20% of our trading profits to buy back and burn ELP Tokens from the market, increasing the value of the tokens thus creating artificial demand.

As a contributor, you will have a 1-year free subscription plan for our trading signals for both crypto markets, equities and traditional markets (premium feature after 1 year and available for purchase in ELP token). Moreover, our customers, both Institutional and professional Investors will be able to pay with the ELP Token the Fees for our services.

Taking into account the given definitions and the meaning of the securities in Swiss law the ELP Token should not be considered as a security. The ELP Token neither represents equity/share/participation right nor the right to reward; it also does not guarantee any re/payment obligation. Consequently, the ELP Token can be classified as the Utility Token.

You can then earn with the token with:

Live AI Trading Signals

Buying Back and Burning

Asking for Exchange


  • March to May (Pre-ICO)

    Private sale of tokens, in the meantime, we will further develop our technology

  • June (Public ICO)

    Selling to the public our tokens, developing relationships, and improving the technology.

  • July to January 2019 (Post ICO)

    Using funds to register the fund, and trading with our AI on traditional Assets and Cryptocurrencies.

  • January to July 2019 (Operational Stage)

    Targeting an AUM of 100+ million Dollars, and improvements to our Artificial Intelligence systems.

The team

Andrea De Francisci  | COO

Anatoly Castella  | CEO

Luigi Piva   | CIO

Andrea Boi  | Design & UX

Giuseppe Solinas  | Chief editor

Francesco A. G.  | Financial Advisor

Samuel Zocchetti  | Quant Developer

Matteo Bigon  | Data Scientist

Fabio Pacchioni  | Blockchain developer


Ian Scarffe  | Advisor and Board Member

Manan Mehta  | Advisor and Board Member

Desmond Marshall  | Advisor and Board Member

Simon Cocking  | Advisor and Board Member

Victor Chow  | Advisor

Gabriel Zanko  | Advisor and Partner

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Is it safe to buy Elpis token online?

We use the best technologies to ensure you are buying our token in the safest place and way possible. Thanks to our partnership with CapchainX, we will redirect you to a specific online page with top security.

What is Elpis?

Elpis will be a new kind of asset management company for the future. Elpis will invest as soon the ICO is over and the fund regulated in both stocks and cryptocurrencies through Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. Our team of experts will follow you to ensure the best possible results and the highest transparency at the lowest costs.

Who can hold Elpis Tokens?

Thanks to our ICO everyone will be able to get a stake in Elpis and become our client. With our fundraising strategy, we will be able to serve institutional and professional investors, with our AUM (Assets Under Management) allocated to our regulated fund, and we will also offer retail clients the opportunity to trade like professionals through our trading live signals, free of charge for Elpis token holders for the first year.

The regulated fund won’t be open before the end of the ICO.

What is Elpis Token ELP? Is it a security or a utility?

Taking into account the definitions and the meaning of the securities in Swiss law, the ELP Token should not be considered as a security. The ELP Token neither represents equity/share/participation right nor the right to reward; it also does not guarantee any re/payment obligation. The characteristics of ELP Token prove the direct connection between the token holder and the Project (Fund, Platform, and its developers). Consequently, the ELP Token can be classified as the Utility Token.

The Board of the Company can decide to exchange tokens to the company’s shares if the token holder should pass “shareholder” criteria of local jurisdiction before he holds shares. The Company’s activities can one day be classified as a regulated activity (not explicitly today) so we’re not excluding that possibility. However, even a “utility” token poses some risks of being regulated either as a cryptocurrency or even as a security because of the intention of “investing”.

Due to the legal uncertainty, we highly recommend that KYC and AML requirements take place, and Elpis accomplishes these proceedings before purchasing. The ELP Tokens Buyer acknowledges the obligation to follow the laws of the country of citizenship/residence, and that the Company does not have any responsibility regarding the law violations committed by the Buyer. The Company will conduct the ICO and its following activities according to the Law of the Swiss Confederation.

Finally, we specify that the Company that launches ICO is a technology company with no special authorization from FINMA, hence you are contributing to the realization of the technology. The Company will acquire the necessary authorization from the financial regulator for its Project purposes once the ICO is completed. The ICO conducted by the Company itself does not require special authorization under the law of the Swiss Confederation (Governing Law).

What is a crypto-elpis ICO? Why is it safer than other ICOs?

Our ICO is the first and newest legal framework that allows to create and sell a safer token during the ICO. Lately, there have been many scams in the ICO market, the advantage of a crypto elpis ICO is that it backs tokens with a reasonable value that could be exchanged in the future for real equity if shareholder criteria will be met.

How are you going to use the amount raised through the ICO?

We are going to use the amount raised as advertised on the token distribution. Only a few percentage will go in supporting the team, specifically 10% of the amount Elpis team looks forward to raising. The rest of it will go straight into the public allocation to create the regulated fund and to be invested in the stock market hence generating rewards for our early token holders and future clients.

If you are an investor or you manage assets for High Net Worth Individuals or Mutual/Pension funds, we will open the subscription to our regulated fund right after the completion of the ICO. 

Why is Elpis different from Blackmooncrypto?

Elpis has the advantage of using the Artificial Intelligence for the asset management, we don’t use human trading, hence trading is less risky and more profitable over time. We also look forward to diversifying our portfolio in different markets and indexes to be also able to provide the best solution to any of our customers’ needs.

how can I add Elpis Coin on MyEtherWallet / MetaMask?

Adding Elpis coin is really easy, you just simply have to input on your ether wallet the following info:

Token Contract Address: 0xd59f6ec26e15683d8c2210352ec8e71fb4c375cb

Token Symbol: ELP

Decimals: 6

What are we going to trade on?

Our Artificial Intelligence will invest in different portfolios. We will start with 3 specific portfolios:

  1. Us Equities (Long-only): for Institutional and Professional Investors with 3 level of risks: Low, Medium and High-Risk tolerance. This portfolio is the lower risk possible portfolio with the highest performance in the market.
  2. Futures: for Professional Investors and for who is willing to take more risks for higher returns.
  3. Cryptocurrencies: We are developing a revolutionary way to trade in cryptocurrencies with much more safety and fewer risks and volatility to get the best out of the high potential of the crypto market.
  4. We are already preparing new strategies with portfolios of indexes and more riskier assets for speculators and high-risk investors.

How are we using blockchain technologies?

We are going to use the blockchain to store every information from our buy/sell operations in order to publicly audit the company for each transaction; we call it Blockchain Public Auditing Ledger (BPAL). Everything will be publicly available daily for our investors. Transparency is a must for us, plus, the blockchain technology will allow us to lower costs of database and servers, everything will be stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Also, every token will be stored in the blockchain smart contracts on Ethereum technology.

We are also using blockchain to increase the level of security and track every investment from token holders’ wallet to our wallet, to better recognize where is the investment coming from, from which investor, and how much, to better calculate the equity and the rewards.

Now trading on BTC, ETH and Futures 📈

Soon LTC & XRP

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